MOTIONCARE® – effective early mobilization

Unique products for early mobilization to the edge of the bed
Developed by medical professionals for medical professionals

MOTIONCARE® is your partner for high-quality seating and standing stabilizers, to simplify inpatient and home care. Our lifting devices promote the early mobilization of patients and relieve your staff.

MOTIONCARE® is the newest business unit of the ASP Group. For over 15 years, the ASP Group has been a system supplier and development partner for medical lifting equipment and the wheelchair industry. Our lifting equipment is designed with the knowledge of medical professionals so that it is precisely tailored to the challenges of everyday care.

At MOTIONCARE® we offer our customers made-to-last systems. The development of our own devices and aids for clinics, nursing homes, and home care was essentially the logical consequence and continuation of ASP’s development and manufacturing expertise.

Following our philosophy of simplified motion, we have dedicated ourselves specifically to the topic of “early mobilization”. We at MOTIONCARE® are an innovative company that excels through the continuous development of new products and constant optimization of our portfolio.

Relieve your nursing staff and meet the nursing shortage
MOTIONCARE® products increase efficiency in early mobilization processes

We help to relieve your personnel and save time. In this way, you actively counteract the nursing shortage and can provide better care for every patient. All of the products we offer in this area for inpatient and home care are intuitive to use and feature a lightweight design. Of course, this is not without providing excellent quality, which also focuses on an attractive design as well as a high level of functionality in daily use. We have set up the MOTIONCARE® lines in such a way that its application brings a high degree of flexibility.

Our customer portfolio in this segment ranges from use at the home of the patient to clinics and nursing homes, as well as by care services or medical supply stores.

We are your reliable and competent partner in a market where the highest degree of precision is essential!

Put us at MOTIONCARE® to the test!

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