NOAH! The consistent further development of our world novelty LIANA!

NOAH a sit/stand stabilizer with toilet function and calibrated, digital scale.

We understand our product NOAH from MOTIONCARE® as the logical and stringent further development of LIANA, which stems from feedback from the care market. But what is different about NOAH, if we compare it with the world novelty LIANA? Absolutely nothing has changed in terms of user benefits. LIANA as well as NOAH facilitate the care work quite enormously. The only difference is that the NOAH product has been extended by a number of features. The model is more or less the logical continuation in 'Lifting and moving people'. 

With the NOAH model, the patient can be lifted optimally. It therefore goes beyond early mobilization. But that is not all. NOAH ensures that nursing staff can also move a very heavy patient out of bed without having to transfer the patient to another unit.

With NOAH, for example, the patient can be easily weighed or the patient can take care of his or her needs without further repositioning. There is no need to move the patient from the patient lift, thus ensuring maximum patient safety. NOAH makes it possible to move the patient out of bed - entirely without repositioning, and LIANA stabilizes the patient in bed! Both product lines are indispensable in the care support of hospitals, hospices, homes for the disabled or nursing homes, as well as in the home environment for persons in need of the highest level of care.

Product line NOAH

With this product line, we at MOTIONCARE® have succeeded in logically continuing and further developing our LIANA product. While LIANA serves as a patient seat stabilizer, NOAH becomes active in care, for example, when patients need to be lifted. But NOAH's field of activity goes much further, ensuring absolute patient safety. With NOAH from MOTIONCARE®, patients can be moved out of bed in intensive care units, in long-term care in nursing homes, in facilities for the disabled and in home care, without the need for caregivers to transfer the patient to another unit using multiple caregivers.

The high risk of repositioning is radically minimized or eliminated by NOAH. For example, NOAH allows the patient to be weighed or to take care of his or her needs without having to be moved to another unit. This not only saves energy, but also important time and ensures that nursing staff are relieved of their workload in the long term. Without this relief being at the expense of the patients.

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