MOTIONCARE® - Our product portfolio makes nursing easier and saves time

More time for your patients!

All elements of our product portfolio are designed to make nursing in short- and long-term care facilities, in hospitals, in hospices, in rehabilitation facilities, as well as in home care easier in the long term.

Not only will you combat chronic back pain among caregivers – which affects 76% of them – but you’ll save a lot of time. You can dedicate this time directly to your patients.

In particular, transferring patients from and to the bed or lifting them is one of the tasks that are the cause of back problems and cost a lot of time. In addition, these procedures are also uncomfortable for patients. Our LIANA and NOAH product lines, which are continuously renewed and revised with our partners, ensure that the comfortable lifting and moving of people with physical limitations is easy and safe.

Simplified motion is not a marketing strategy for us at MOTIONCARE®, but a genuine commitment to our product lines. This is because early patient mobilization helps both the physically limited and the overworked staff.

Our products LIANA and NOAH - made by MOTIONCARE® - provide a convincing unique selling proposition in the market due to the sophisticated concept, the high quality, the perfect design, as well as the fact that there is no need to transfer a patient from the bed!

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