Time study: comparison early mobilization intensive care patient (subject) with/without LIANA

Conducted with the friendly support of specialist nurses if the Barmherzige Brüder hospital, Regensburg on a test subject.

Definition of intensive care patient: A patient who requires intensive care measures for the therapy of (a) critical illness(es).

Definition of early mobilization: Mobilization of a patient within the first 72 hours after a sudden movement-restricting event.

The patient may be connected to the following: Central venous catheter, arterial blood pressure measurement, dialysis catheter, tracheal cannula, feeding tube, drains.

Bed: The bed is a commercial bed without a wheel/motor in the middle section.

Situation description of the case used for the time study:


Patient / Test Subject:

  • Intensive care patient with connections described on the right.
  • Patient who is in isolation due to germs.
  • Patient on circulatory support medications.

Person performing the test:
Nurse/caregiver or physiotherapist /caregiver

The measurement of the time was started/stopped when the staff entered/left the patient’s room.

Implementation/ Activities:
> The patient was mobilized into the mobilization seat/LIANA.
> Implementation of the measurement.
> Mobilized back to the patient’s bed.
> All monitoring cables, infusion lines were properly arranged, patient was positioned.
> Disinfection of the equipment (depending on the patient and germ load).

 Rollbrett & MobilitätsauswahlLIANA
ActivityWorking time (min.)Number of personnelTotalMinutesNumber of personnelTotal
Roller board & mobility selection252507214
Roller board & mobility selection102205210
Roller board & mobility selection10110515
   80  29
Time saving per application51min 
Labor saving per day with approx. data) 

Early mobilization with LIANA

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